Section 1 Progress and Achievement

In the beginning of the course I struggled to grasp the process of a project from the brief to the final outcome. I can now say that I understand the importance of documenting my process of research and observation, analysing my findings, developing ideas, material experimentations, and producing a final outcome. With limited making skills I have experimented with various wood, metal, plastic, ceramics, and textile techniques. I’ve learned to think outside the box within a short time frame with limited materials. My confidence as a designer grows with each new project and solution.

Section 2 Pathway Choice

Coming from an educational and industry background in Marketing and Communications, I’ve always wanted to try something more visual and hands on. Originally interested in interior and spatial design, I realised while applying for BA programs at UAL, that my true passion wasn’t in the interior space, but the individual products that make up that space.

I hope to continue to learn about product design, specifically to expand the quality and range of my making skills with a variety of materials. Upon graduating from the PDC Foundation Course at CSM, I am interested in continuing my studies in 3D Design.

Section 3 Project Proposal Aims and Realisation

The purpose of this project is to bring the spirit of forest and warmth into the home of those living in the the Boreal forest, or alternatively an experience that will make the forest more enjoyable for those wanting to explore in the harsh weather. Functionality and aesthetic will be important for bringing my project to life.

Within the Canadian, Scandinavian, and Russian Boreal forests I will research the climate, landscape, seasons, animals, insects, vegetation, sustenance, conservation vs. deforestation, as well as the other natural materials. I want to look at recreational and industrial activities and products, natural and man-made forest structures, along with survival techniques and tools used by indigenous people.

Some art and design precedents that I will look at are Scandinavian design, Aboriginal making, Hudson’s Bay Company, Arne Jacobson, designs inspired by forest, and materials found in the forest like wood, leather, fur, and resin.

I am keen to experiment with these materials in the workshop, but know I will need assistance to learn different making techniques. I plan to ask tutors as well as technicians for any advice for working with these materials.

I will also visit the Scandinavian furniture store in London called FOREST for additional research, I hope to travel to Norway over Easter break for firsthand observations, as well I have set up interviews with outdoor enthusiasts living in the Canadian and Swedish Boreal forests.

Section 4 Evaluation

As my projects grows I will document all findings, progress and outcomes, as well as any changes. My evaluation will also come from feedback I receive from my tutors and peers, along with the success/failure of my experiments. All of this information will be reflected upon in my reflective journal. The process of my project will also be recorded on my information file and in my sketchbook.



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