Zai CORE Axe by Kacper Hamilton

A luxury axe with carbon-fibre in its handle and interchangeable heads. The Zai CORE Axe has one head for felling trees and another for chopping wood, both made of high-carbon steel. The handle comprises carbon-fibre sandwiched between ash for strength and lightness.

I like how this axe has interchangeable blades for different purposes. It makes it easy for users to have one unit instead of multiple full axes for different uses. I like how sleek the axe body and heads look, and the materials used.

FURTIF Evercut collection by TB Groupe

...exploration of new materials and forms, a sharp edged stealth bomber of faceted geometry constructed using titanium carbide laser bonding to strengthen a blade of stainless steel to indefinite sharpness.

I love the geometric handles and how sleek they look. The handle and the blade connect flawlessly. The matte finish on the handles compliment the geometric shapes.

Zai HIGO tools by Kacper Hamilton

Called Zai HIGO, the two are inspired by the Higonokami knife that was popular in 19th century Japan. They feature a lever so they can be opened, locked and closed with one hand. The multi-tool has two different screwdriver heads that are designed for adjusting ski bindings. Both items have aluminium cases, while the blade and tool tips are made of steel. The automatic locking mechanism incorporates hidden magnets.

I love the way these tools are compatible and are designed to use with one hand. The case that houses the screwdrivers and the knife is simple and I like that hidden magnets are incorporated into the locking mechanism.

Oksa by Félicie Eymard

Oksa is a set of fireplace tools made of tubular steel, keeping them light and easy to carry. Oksa, which means “branch” in Finnish, was created by the desire to bring the magic of a campfire inside the home...can be used indoors or out.

I love how this set of fireplace tools take the form of branches, which is exactly what they'll be used to push around. The material seems smart because it is lightweight and easy to carry. I will keep tubular steel in mind for my final product as I want it to be light weight.

Match Safe by Best Made Co.

A reproduction of the original 1900 patented, waterproof match carrier. Nickel plated brass construction.

I like the mechanism of opening and shutting the case. For my design I am wanting to make the capsule waterproof, and this lid/opening and closing design may be a good idea to play around with.

Everyday Weapons by Chromly

A wrench and a pair of scissors are housed in leather holsters, putting them in a context of readiness for use as weapons; and a sling transforms a glass tumbler into a projectile. The leather apparatuses weaponize the objects without altering them.

I like how these everyday objects aren't changed but are put into a new context by adding the second leather material to paint them in a way to appear as weapons. The leather looks well crafted and together with the design, to me the items look like vintage weapons maybe used in an old village. The casings hold the objects perfectly, making them easy to wear.

Hobo Knife by Best Made Co.

Employing a "slot and tab" mechanism the Hobo can be effortlessly disassembled into separate eating utensils, and quickly re-assembled into an effective locking blade pocket knife.

I love that this knife is also home to eating utensils, and that it can be separated for use of all these items individually.

Domestic Hunting Tools by Yong Jieyu 

The notion of disconnected foodsource to home grown food. The only food you can trust are the ones near you. We have to hunt or produce our food nearer, naturally or synthetically.

I love how classic table utensils have been modified to resemble hunting tools. The combination is really interesting because they are both tools in their own sense. I love the simplicity behind them and how the two concepts are combined to create a new set of tools.

Stick-lets by Christina Kazakia

The latest collection Fort Kit 2.0 comprises [silicone] connecters with two to four holes, which vary in size to connect sticks of different girths.

Although these connectors were originally designed for children to build stick forts with, I think they could be very useful for building an actual protective shelter if one is venturing out into the forest. I love the colourful shapes and how easily they can be arranged. Another thing I like about the material is that they are waterproof.


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