primary research - THE BROKEDOWN PALACE


  • pot tamper
  • plant dibber
  • 20 x seed envelopes
  • 20 x wooden seed labels

Cute collection of gardening items, give a compact arrangement of items that make it fun and easy to plant a mini garden.

I really like the look of these wooden boxes with jute rope handles because the design is simple using limited materials, they are easy to store and carry, and the function of how the box lid slides to open is a really smart storage idea because it allows the box to be open as fully or as little as the user wants.

  • rubber bands ball - this could be useful for many things, like bunching objects together, in substitute for string or rope
  • cotton string - secure a closure, bunching objects together, arts n crafts, attaching one object to another
  • scissors - essential item that has many many uses
  • wooden door wedge - not always a necessity for all people, but for those with uncooperative doors it will come in handy
  • 1 pr. of hang it pegs - look easy to screw into any wall to hang jackets, kitchen supplies, scarfs, keys, accessories

I really think this burner bag is really clever because of all the functions it performs. The process of starting a fire is fun and easy and the process uses the entire contents and bag so no waste is left over. Some of the features are that the bag can light and burn in rain, sleet or snow and it will quickly dry the wood above it if it is damp.

These leather satchels are all different due to their design, size and material, but all serve the similar purpose of being able to hold supplies. Over all they all have a simple design, are minimalistic, and I like that they are all natural looking colours.

I like the criss-crossing metal bars that support the glass section of the lantern. To me this gives the lantern a more expensive and fancier look, while still giving it an edge.

This grill is really small and shallow making it easy to carry--is also very lightweight.

These designs remind me of some sort of industrial space equipment because of the materials and shapes.

I think that these warm coats are so so clever because of their second function which is them also acting as a sleeping bag one the wearer is lying down, their feet are curled up inside and the bottom tightened. This design could be really popular with teenagers and young adults that are already into the onesie fashion trend. They are practical and look extremely comfy and well designed.

This two person tent looks like it would be really nice for a camping trip for two or less people because of its size and shallow height. I like that the tent is a good size and not overly large because it is easy for transport. The bright orange tarp is really attractive to me because it would really stand out in a forest setting.


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