SOLKOA Survival Kit for Best Made

In case of emergency: behold 18.75 cubic inches of ultra-light, machined, aluminum, in which you will find 25 of the most highly considered and useful life saving tools you could ask for. Then take a deep breath. Think happy thoughts...

Virtually indestructible, the “SUMA” box is machined from a single block of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, and its contents are secured by a rubber gasket and Velcro® straps. The SUMA container is strong enough for digging, and its Type III hard anodized aluminum allows for safe boiling and cooking. This is a small, lightweight, and extremely valuable kit that we hope you’ll never have to use. But should you or a loved one ever deploy it, you’ll be glad you chose what is, without a doubt, the best survival kit on the market.

Contents include:

  • Emergency Fishing Kit
  • Emergency Blanket Orange/Silver(56” x 84”)
  • Emergency Sewing Kit
  • Duct Tape (2” x 24”)
  • P-38 Can Opener
  • Thread line (14 lb. test)
  • Kevlar Line (15’, 135 lb. test)
  • IDL T 10 Mini Multi Tool
  • Steel Wire (24”)
  • Cotton Pad
  • Antibiotic Ointment Packet
  • Alcohol Prep Pad
  • 14 mm Button Compass
  • Emergency Signaling Mirror
  • Photon II White LED Micro Light
  • Emergency Whistle
  • Pencil with eraser
  • 5 Sheets Rite in the Rain Paper
  • Fresnel Magnifying Lens (4x power)
  • Emergency Waterproof Matches
  • 6 Fire Tinder Tabs
  • Sparking Flint Rod (8mm x 80mm)
  • Steel Hacksaw Blade (3”)
  • 6 Water Purification Tablets
  • Waterproof Bag – 9″ x 10″, 144 in sq
  • Folding Razor Blade

I like how this kit is very small but includes a large large amount of items. It's a good example to look at while I am working out which items are crucial for me to include in my design.

Mini Survival Tin by Polymath Products

...the Mini Survival Tin includes a length of the ever-useful 550lb paracord, an essential multi-function item that no survival kit should be without. Also unique to this kit is the use of a butyl rubber Ranger Band, which in addition to its many survival uses also allows the Mini Survival Tin to be firmly fastened to your belt or rucksack strap, keeping it secure but also quick and easy to access.

Contents include:

  • Metal Tin
  • 1m Paracord, 550lb
  • Ranger Band
  • Fire Steel, 6.5mm Ø
  • Fire Steel Striker
  • Liquid-filled Compass
  • Glow Stick
  • Whistle
  • 2x 1m Brass Snare Wire
  • 2x Swivel, Size 10
  • 8m Fishing Line, 6lb
  • Hooks: 2x Size 10, 2x Size 8
  • Sewing Needle
  • 2x Safety Pin
  • Scalpel Blade, #10
  • Water Carrier (Condom)
  • 4x Water Purification Tablet
  • Adhesive Dressing Strip
  • IPA Alcohol Swab

I love how small this survival kit is and how easy it is to fasten to a belt or backpack. The compact size makes it easy to carry around, and the tin still surprisingly fits a wide variety of items. The kit also included paracord, which is a type of rope I am looking at including in my kit.

Outdoor Emergency SOS Survival Equipment Tin

I like that this survival kit is in a simple tin, and its contents appear to fit perfectly inside with no wasted space. I think that the lid could be secured to the container in a different way that would make me feel more confident in it staying put. One interesting thing about the contents of this kit is that there are almost like little kits included inside as well, like the fire starting kit, as well as the credit card sized tool.

SOL Survival Kit by Cool Material

If you’re trapped outdoors in a do or die, kill or be killed survival situation the last thing you want to be is S.O.L. The first thing you want to have is S.O.L. An admittedly clever play on the familiar S.O.L. acronym, this Survive Outdoors Longer Survival Kit will help you do just that. Between the aluminum foil, knife, LED light, fire striker, whistle, compass, signal mirror, nylon cord, fishing hooks, fishing line and safety wire, this survival kit will turn anyone into MacGuyver faster than you can say up a creek without a paddle.

  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • ABS plastic waterproof case
  • TinderQuick fire starting tinder
  • 150lb-test braided nylon cord
  • Mil-spec stainless steel wire
  • Emergency sewing and fishing kit
  • Buck Tilton’s survival strategies
  • Flip-up rescue flash signal mirror
  • Fire Lite firestarter
  • Removable compass
  • Folding blade rescue knife

I three things I like the most about this survival kit is that is ti waterproof, that there are survival strategies written and included inside the kit, as well as that it is compact to the size where it can fit in one's hand. Each area of the kit was very well thought out, and I especially like how content are included in the exterior packaging.

Life is Precious by Fort Standard

A survival kit with the intention of creating something which looked and felt as precious as its contents. The design became largely about the packaging as it needed to be serious, yet beautiful; an object you could easily bring with you on a day hike or even keep in your car or boat but most importantly an object you would WANT to bring with you everywhere.

I absolutely love the packaging and the engraving on the outside of it. I like that within the outer packaging there is almost a second layer of packaging that hold the rest of the contents. The outer container reminds me of a time capsule. 

Ultra Compact Survival Kit by Polymath Products

Despite its small size, the kit is highly practical and has been carefully designed to provide life-saving essentials in a survival situation, helping you to quickly and efficiently address the crucial survival priorities: Fire Lighting, Water Purification, Shelter Building, Navigation, Emergency First Aid and Food Capture.

Contents include:

  • 1m Paracord, 550lb
  • Split Ring, 25mm
  • Cartridge
  • Fire Steel, 6.5mm Ø
  • Liquid-filled Compass
  • Water Carrier (Condom)
  • Scalpel Blade, #10
  • 2x Water Purification Tablet
  • Fire Steel Striker
  • 2x 1m Brass Snare Wire
  • Glow Stick
  • 8m Fishing Line, 6lb
  • 2x Swivel, Size 10
  • Hooks: 2x Size 10, 2x Size 8
  • Sewing Needle
  • 2x Safety Pin

The cylinder design is really attractive to me because it is easy for the user to hold and grab on to. I like that the compass is displayed on the outside of the canister making it accessible to use with the kit still intact (no need to disassemble to find the compass inside). I like the paracord key chain/handle because it makes it easy for the user to grab onto it, is aesthetically pleasing, as well it doesn't take up any room inside the kit.

Bushcraft BCB Ultimate Survival Kit

Packed into our lightweight mini mess tin with a rubber seal and roll over clasps.

Contents include:

  • Water Bag
  • Nylon Cord
  • Button Compass
  • Candle Flint and Striker
  • Tinder
  • Fishing Kit
  • Mini Multi-Tool Matches
  • Sewing Kit
  • Purification Tablets
  • Safety Pins
  • Single Edge Razor
  • Salt Sachets
  • Signal Mirror
  • Whistle Snare Wire
  • Wire Saw
  • Grip Lock Bag
  • Pencil
  • Survival Instructions 

I love the tin that the survival kit is packed into. It's nice that it seals up, which allows the items to stay dry and safe from being flooded with water. I also like the side closures which help to seal the tin completely, and how they latch on to the lid.

Survival Kit by Steffen Kehrle

With this credit card size laser cut card full of random tools, industrial designer Atelier Steffen Kehrle wants to make you prepared for any adventure (and misadventure) while carrying a portable, washable, and disposable set. The kit contains forks, knives, buttons, and other accessories laser cut onto a stainless steel plate. When they come in handy, all you have to do is pop them out of the card and enjoy a box of fries without getting your hands dirty.

I love how these tools are all laser cut and lay flat until they are popped out to use. They would make it really easy to travel with.

11 in 1 Pocket Knife- Army Camping Survival Kit,Credit Card tool

This credit card survival tool is ideal for camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, trail riding, or just to hang on to your keychain or keep in your car. Features of Pocket Knife: Convenient, credit card sized, multi-functional pocket survival tool Made of high quality stainless steel materials Size (L X W X H): 6.8 x 4.5 x 0.2cm

Contains the following:

  • Can opener
  • Live wrench
  • Sawtooth
  • Keyhole
  • Positioning wrenches
  • Ruler
  • Screwdrivers
  • Side knife

I love how this product is the size of a credit card, which makes it easy to fit into a wallet, or pocket. Each piece of the card has a function, and I like that no space is wasted.

Salvaged Cedar Fire Starter Kit by Zak Fellman and Todd Randall

Simplify the campfire process with this cedar fire starter kit, which includes eight cedar and paraffin (a highly flammable wax distilled from petroleum) tablets as well as nine cedar kindling sticks. 

I love the packaging of this fire starter kit and that it's in a burlap looking bag. The fact that the tablets are made from salvaged cedar mixed with paraffin is neat because it connects them to the forest, where they are likely to be used in the future.

Love Hurts by Melanie Chernock

We’ve all had our fair share of heartbreaks throughout our lives and there’s nothing better than those tried-and-true items we take comfort in during those painful times. The essentials included are: dark chocolate, vodka, a candle with matches, bubble bath, candy hearts with choice words, a mix CD, and if all else fails, a pack of tissues.

I love this idea, because at some point I feel like it would be really useful to everyone. I like how she designed the packaging to look like a classic first aid kit and that all of the contents are really clever.

Urban Survival Pack by Ryam Ramones

Created as an educational tool to teach children about the connection between agriculture and survival. Contained within the pack are 12 cardboard tubes that contain emergency equipment, gardening utensils, seeds and seed raising mixture. The design of the kit is not only innovative and well-considered but highly intuitive.

I love that this kit is an educational tool for kids, but would also be useful to an adult as well. I like the simple colour scheme because it keeps the true nature of the materials used. The tube packaging is nice because they can hold a lot of contents and I like that the text is printed on the outside of the tubes.

Just in Case by Menosunocerouno

If the world ends this year, we better be happily ready. Expecting a beautiful chaos, MENOSUNOCEROUNO created JUST IN CASE ®, the perfect brand for the end of times. A brand that covers all your basic apocalyptic needs. Packaged in yellow and black, the Just in Case kit also includes more practical items like matches, a knife and water, plus a notebook in case they start to feel philosophical or need to light a fire.

I love this apocalyptic survival kit! The aesthetics are clean and attractive, I love the bold yellow colour and simple graphics. They seemed to have thought of everything to include, from liquor to matches, to chocolate and water. The instruction guide is a nice touch because it gives new purpose to some of the objects, like having the notebook double as paper to start a fire.

Re-Fire kit by Francesco Faccin

In this case, a beech spindle is rotated within pre-formed holes in a board made from linden wood, creating a device known as a bow-drill. The user kneels on the board to weigh it down and keep it in place. The bow-drill comes in an aluminium tube with caps on either end. One serves as a socket to put pressure on the spindle and the other is used as a container for the straw to be lit by the embers. A walnut bow is used to spin the beech stick fast enough to create a spark. The spindle is stayed using a hole made by a loop in the rope, held in tension by a brass screw, then rolled back and forth. 

The container that holds all of the necessary fire starting items is really sharp and compact. I think the design is very practical as it would be easy to pack on a camping or hiking trip.

Capsule Collection by Tom Dixon for Adidas

Dixon's collection...includes underwear, trousers, shirts, shoes and waterproof jackets that fold easily and can be packed efficiently. Dixon also designed a coat that doubles up as a sleeping bag. 

"All of those adventures I had in Milan went into that collection. It's as much as I can fit into a carry-on bag on a low-cost airline, with everything that I need for a week away."

I love the thinking behind this capsule and how Tom has a purpose from his past experiences. One of my favourite things about the design aesthetic is that there is a place for everything in the bag, and that there is no wasted space.


Survival Kit for Overpopulation

The Survival Kit for Overpopulation features oversized nylon covers and coats with giant hoods, designed by Phoebe Kowalska "to protect the wearer from society's rapid pace".

The different layers put in to each look are made from different materials, and I like that they are a new take on old ideas of protective clothing. The designer has made modifications to everyday clothing and accessories. I like that she keeps an attractive and wearable aesthetic to the pieces.

Whatever Whenever by MUJI

From tsunamis to hurricanes, the MUJI "Itsumo, Moshino" (Whenever, Whatever) campaign is packed with everything you need when a natural disaster hits. This Japanese company created fashionable emergency kits for every place and occasion. These kits come in portable boxes, which can be store in places like an office shelf; or, in backpacks, which kids and commuters can carry around. Some of the items included are a polka dot handkerchief, a compressed t-shirt, assorted candies, a portable food container with rice, and a neck rest.

I love how MUJI took their existing products and put together different types of survival kits based on different consumers and storage preferences. The kits seem to be very well thought out, and each item necessary. 

Designaffairs Studio of Germany have designed a conceptual oxygen inhaler, O3, for a future scenario where there's not enough oxygen in the air for humans to survive.

o3 is a personal survival oxygen unit with a wicked message: the urgency and seriousness to rethink and react; o3 is the product you don´t want to need! If we´ll reach such a scenario, we designed o3 being a personal unit for your daily oxygen supply. The mouthpiece is easy to carry and individual. The oxygen is provided by compressed oxygen refill units which can be exchanged at your local oxygen supplier.

The design is simple and compact, and I like that is appears to be easy to use. The function of the product is interesting, as it isn't designed to be used now, but possibly in the future if it becomes necessary. Mainly it's the message that I find thought provoking, that if the human population as a whole continues to cause harm to the environment, then this product may become necessary. We are in control and all responsible for the future of our standard of living.

Knowledge-Tools-Memory by Katherina Mischer and Thomas Traxler

The blanket is made from wool and is large enough to comfortably cover a person. Its surface is printed with 15 stylised diagrams that illustrate each stage of the textile's production, including sheep shearing, twisting fibres into wool, and the weaving process. An extra strip along the bottom incorporates a row of pockets each assigned to a different tool, from a comb used to groom sheep to scissors.

I love how the manufacturing instructions are included as a feature of this blanket and product. As a consumer I always am fascinated about the way something is made (maybe it's the designer in me), and this visual incorporation is really interesting.


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