primary research - SKANDIUM South Kensington



  • like the material combination of wood and metal
  • curve of the wooden handle gives the pot a luxurious touch
  • like that it is easily removed
  • containers for wood both have the sample purpose but give off a different feel
  • black one is more luxurious, where the other seems more outdoorsy
  • like how the glass is blocked off by a giant cork - really stands out on top of the clear glass
  • water colour looking print on tableware reminds me of a grassy hill with the sun peaking over
  • like how a bowl like shape is created from a simple material and how it is folded
  • like the simple modifications to simple looking salad tongs made out of a basic shape and wood material


  • this fireplace is astoundingly eye-catching
  • sleek long neck from the top of the ceiling, almost to the ground
  • like how the fireplace hovers off the ground and is formed into a saucer like shape to hold the wood
  • like how this table is essentially two piece of wood in the same shape that are slotted together
  • side handles would make it easy to move - good place to put magazines or small books
  • mushroom shade with tulip base are whimsical and relative to forest plants
  • frosted shade illuminates light nicely without being too strong and blinding - softens the light
  • like the Y shape back rest and how the back curves into the seat reminding me of two wings
  • love the curve in the seat that is the shape of a persons behind, making it more comfortable to sit
  • symbolic Scandinavian sled style chair - love the ski legs
  • material and colour combination is really interesting and diverse
  • love the different layering of shapes and how they vary
  • the smaller more round leather circle seat on top of the irregular wood oval is a really simple design but I think it's powerful because it shows the user where they are intended to sit



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