primary research - V&A


These shapes were really interesting to me because I thought they resembled different types of fungi and lichen that could only be seen this way under a microscope. The colours and textures look really interesting because many of them are irregular and seem random.

I like the way these jelly fish look preserved. It's like they've been captured, but not in an inhumane sense, but more in a way to preserve their beauty for people to see their movement.

I like this glass vase because the cat print reminds me of these funny little cat posters I had as a child. I think cute cats have extended past being just a household pet, but are now seen more in pop culture and social media for example in cute cat videos and photos with silly little sayings.

I love the colours in this piece and how they are marbled together. Since I was young I always loved the way marble looked and how the swirls of colours were completely random.

I laughed when I saw this little bird because it reminded me of all the wild turkeys that would run around in the National Parks back in Manitoba.

I love the combination of opaque colours painted onto translucent glass. The effect that it gives is really interesting because it remind me of different layers of ice that grow on the lakes in Canada over the winter.

To me this piece ties in nicely with my Forest theme. It tells a story of someone setting off to explore the unknown and immersing themselves in the wilderness on this canoe.


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