primary research - SCP Old Street


  • like how wooden chair is made from two separate pieces both with two legs on them
  • looks like they were split but are really the opposite because they were separate and have been joined together
  • different coloured wood boards offer an interesting pattern and look like they give new life to old wood


  • the geometric shapes of these wooden boards look really interesting coming from a rectangular handle because they are such opposites
  • love how thick the wood looks, as well as the colourings
  • hard leather offers an interesting handle for glass jars
  • leather is stiff, strong and stick
  • like how the leather is moulded around the glass containers
  • love the textures cut into the wood giving them a zigzagged pattern
  • leather handles are a nice natural touch and compliment the natural wood
  • ceramic acorn detail is cute and fun - brings the idea of outdoors into the home


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