For my primary research I visited the LIGHTJUNCTION at DESIGNJUNCTION.


  • surface light source--light is 2mm thick
  • able to light space like natural light
  • SOFT on the eyes
  • direct lighting--100% of light produced is used
  • SOURCE and LAMP are one--the source itself emits light
  • made from 2 plates of glass, water, and organic compounds
  • BLACKBODY lighting--work with architects in hotel lobbies, restaurants, airports

I was amazed by the large scale of these lighting displays made up from multiples of small singular lights. To me they are whimsicle and luxurious, and individually they are surprisingly sleek. These two things, so opposite (small lights to make large lighting display), provide contrast and excitability.


  • indoor or outdoor lamp
  • rocking opel DIFFUSER
  • filtered by adjusting the dimmer
  • white matte polycarbonate body
  • built in battery--rechargable
  • MARSET lighting--FOLLOWME

To me these lanterns make me think of sophisticated camping, or a light you would have on a porch at a Scandanavian cottage. The design is sleek because of the simple materials and colors, along with the simple shapes and fixtures visible on the lamps surface.


The first thought I had when looking at these lights is that they remind of flying saucers because of their shape and futuristic design. Although the light is directional in the sense that it only travels in a mostly straight line from where the light source is, the light is still bright. This bright light creates contracts between the darkness that surrounds it, and I like this difference because of the drama that is creates.



Sophia Dixon Dillo: Forming Light Installation II

MATERIALS: fishing line, conduit, nails, light

The materials are so scarce, and mixed with light the fishing line looks so elegant because of its simplicity. The fishing line looks like a beam of light coming in from a window on a sunny day. I like the naturalness to this exhibit because it mimics the natural light beam with synthetic materials and synthetic lighting.

James Patmore Furniture and Lighting Design: NaCl

"Organic cluster of geometric shapes. Based upon the sporadic formation of salt crystals the light-surround mimics their growth whilst keeping a sensitivity to the light, using paper to manipulate the light source enabling the opportunity to explore the ranging tonal qualities. Like its inspiration the piece has the possibility to grow into a dramatic installation piece."

I like that this cluster of geometric shapes is made out of paper because it is easy to work with and fold into the desired shapes. The shapes are organic and attract me to the shade as a whole because each area looks so unique. With the different folds and angles, the shadows and light create a lot of depth to this shade.



9 Photographs of form, light + movement at The British Museum. These photos are documented by sketches in my sketchbook.


I love the prettiness of this light pendant. The crystals are identical and are completely smooth with perfect adges. It's nice how they jut out in different directions but are not random from eachother.

Tadao Shimizu: Refreshing Cloud Silver Rain

"The structure of this lamp consists of a three dimensional washy- paper cloud shade which is supported by rows of thin metal rods that simulate the falling rain. The light may have different nuances inside these washy- paper cloud shades."

Unlike a cloud that is very light, airy, and changes in shape, this light is very still and structured. I like that it still emcompases the idea of a rain cloud but uses materials and solidity that are opposite from that of an actual cloud. I also like that the light isn't very bright, but bright enough to send a hue of colout onto the surrounding ground.


I really love the color of this crystal and how that the darker it gets the less light passes through. The speckles towards the bottom of the crystal also play with how much light is shown, along with the different in directions that the light refracts. It's neat how the light reflects off some of the smooth surfaces, thus changing the colour that the surface appears to be.


With a mixture of opaque and semi-translucent crystals, the crystal deals with the light in a number of ways. This is very interesting to the eye, especially because of the mix of colours.



John McAslan + Partners

"The ambitious transformation of the station creates a remarkable dialogue between Cubitt’s 1852 station and 21st-century architecture - a quantum shift in strategic infrastructure design in the UK. The station was officially opened by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, on 19 March 2012. The multi-award winning station now provides a modern transport super-hub fit for a major capital city."


  • EMINATES through light-bulb
  • scatters through safety pin shapes as it passes through glass shade--SOFT light
  • glass shade is hand blown
  • safety pins are pattern cut to fit over glass

To me the shape that these mini gold safety pins creates around the hand blown glass shade reminds me of a vintage style lamp. I am a huge fan of vintage looking pieces because of their timeless beauty, often because of the beautifully coloured metals used. These lamps remind me of lights you might seen in an old fashioned burlesque club. 


  • light is not spread evenly--creates dark shadows in areas of installation
  • gladd tubes incase lightbulbs
  • shadows create illusion for installation to look like a storm cloud

I find lighting made from singular objects displayed in multiples to collectively paint a larger picture to be very fascinating because of the difference the two have from being on their own to being together. With multiple objects together often there is more drame added, like in this case where the singular tubes create a storm cloud. A singular tube light would be just as beautiful on its own, but not as stunning or dramatic as they are in multiples.


These lighting pods have a really cute and playful shape to them that remind me of childrens toys because of their colours and small cylindar shape. I like that because of the direction of the light and the solid shade, the interior colour appears to be lighter than the outside, but still the colour of the shade is projected onto the wall. The lighting is soft, so this colour isn't overwhelming.

Lacrime Del Pescatore Ceiling Light

"The Ingo Maurer Lacrime del Pescatore Ceiling Light recreates glistening fishermen's nets in three layers of nylon netting literally dripping in sparkling crystals. This singular structure hangs from the ceiling and is illuminated by a separately mounted wall light."

I think these ceiling lights are absolutely stunning because of the delicate and beautiful crystals hanging from a fragile fishing net. Those two things are opposites to me because I think of a fishing net being inexpensive, and crystals being expensive, yet I believe the appearance of the combination to be lavish.

Yabu Pushelberg: Tiffany & Co. Ltd.

I love the overlapping of these large metal nets, because they hold such small crystals overlapping them allows the viewer to get more of an impact from seeing more crystals in one area. I also like how delicate the crystals look hanging from the strong metal. These two opposite elements have a richness to them that to my eye compliments the crystals and makes them appear to be stronger than they are. The installation is fancy with an industry feel from the metal nets.



Diller Scofidio + Renfro: Light Sock

"The lights consist of mesh bags suspended from the ceiling; each contains a light source hidden amongst thousands of crystals." (Dezeen)

I love the way these light socks are suspended at various heights. This gives the installation more depth, and allows the viewer to see further back into the room. It's nice that the light sources are invisible to the viewer because they are hidden amongst the beautiful crystals. I think this is a great example of spooky meets sophistication because the controlled light in a dark room is a tad spooky, where the crystals are expensive and beautiful.

William Haines: "Ice Crystals" Sconces

This is a very glamorous at home decor accessory that adds drama to any room because of its spuratic nature. I like that it is demanding of ones attention but is made from very simple shapes and acrylic material.

Zaha Hadid: RÉ

"Each Swarovski crystal can be considered as an individual element that interrelates with, and responds to, every other crystal. Locked in a spiralling vortex, the crystals direction is determined by the forces of an explosion. As with our architecture, contextual embedding is always considered. The chandelier relates to - and interacts with - each new environment in a unique manner; constantly reinventing itself and offering exciting new possibilities with each installation."

I like the play on illusion in this piece and how each little crystal makes up the larger picture of the large installation. The shape is unqiue because it twists and turns changing different angles, instead of just going from point A to B. I like the way the light shines on the crystals to highlight them, and that they are in a dark room so they are easy to see.



Foster + Partners

"Designed by Foster and Partners, the Queen Elizabeth II Great Court transformed the Museum’s inner courtyard into the largest covered public square in Europe. Originally a garden, it is a two-acre space enclosed by a spectacular glass roof with the world-famous Reading Room at its centre. Without this space the Museum was like a city without a park. This project is about its reinvention.

Foster + Partners is one of the most innovative architecture and integrated design practices in the world. Over the past four decaded the practice has pioneered a sustainable approach to architecture through a strikingly wide range of work, from urban masterplans, public infastructure, airports, civic and cultural buildings, offices and workplaces to private houses and product design."


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