Tudor Chair by Jamie Hayon

"This series of six dining chairs was inspired by the six wives of Henry VIII. They are all formally linked but each with its own individual upholstery, finishing and personality. The designs are a clever reference to a rich part of British history, but are particularly fascinating and relevant as they emanate from the arrival and objective perception of Spanish designer Jaime Hayon."

These chairs first caught my eye because they have a Danish Modern feel to them and they reminded me of Eames style chairs. I love the simple silhouette mixed with the interesting patterns and materials.

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Clapper by André Klauser

"A clothes horse of pure breeding. Max. Load: 58 underpants. Foldable clothes horse made of solid beech rods and nylon string."

dimensions: 66 × 116 × H100cm

This piece is so simple, practical, easy to use and I like that it is really portable and compatible.

Van Amburgh Side Table by Sam Johnson

"Inspired and named after the famous lion-tamer Isaac van Amburgh. Now the van Amburgh Stool has new relatives, the van Amburgh Side Tables. Made from powder-coated 4mm metal wire with a solid core table top available in a range of colours."

Made in England

Available in two sizes:
Ø 40 × H33cm
Ø 40 × H53cm

Compass Table by Matthew Hilton

"Designed with practicality and stability in mind, the Compass consists of three component parts that fit together to create a sturdy table base. The top height is adjustable and can fit the needs of a table, desk or workbench. The Compass is notable for its finely drawn details, tapered legs that ascend into a mid-leg curve and rounded neoprene pads that secure the tabletop."

I like that the design is bold but doesn't distract from the elements that are to be displayed on it.

Guitar Piece by Michael Marriott

I love this up cycled cast brass candle holder made from cut up electric guitar body. The wood is beautiful and to many people it could give a sense of nostalgia.

FARO Mini Fireplace by Rui Pereira

"In a society that is increasingly individualistic and where the massive use of technology separates us, we propose an object that uses fire to bring people together.
FARO is a mini fireplace that can be placed either indoors or outdoors, through the use of an ethanol burner.
We want to explore a different way of using this fire source. By using material such as red clay, hammered copper and aluminum we wanted to evoke the memory of the traditional wood-stove.
The user may also choose to use wood instead of ethanol when placing it outdoor.
The pieces that compose this product were produced in Portugal, Japan and Italy, using different craft techniques, like the red clay pottery and the hammered copper."

Petal Collection by Bethan Gray and Mitchell Abdul Karim Crites

"The Petal Collection comprises 18 pieces including a table, several bowls and a pastry platter, all featuring a radiating geometric petal pattern referencing the dome of the 17th century Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan, Iran – a UNESCO World Heritage Monument."

I love the cut outs in the dishes to display the geometric pattern of Islamic art.

SpoonBase by Joseph Joseph

"This simple but effective product provides a convenient place to rest cooking utensils during use, helping to keep work surfaces cleaner and more hygienic."

Pattern In Islamic Art

I love these Islamic art patterns found in architecture. The images are from Turkey and Morocco. I tried to select four with different aspects to them, although looking at them they are have similarities.

Easy by Klauser and Carpenter

"This compact one and two- seater upholstered seating system is available with or without arms and is positioned on a contrasting metal frame. Easy has soft but defined forms that fit snugly into the Established & Sons collection, and it is equally at home in domestic and contract markets."

I love the simplicity behind the design. The fabrics look basic by attractive, the design easily compliments different types of design, and the piece is classic.

Wrongwoods by Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong

"Designer Sebastian Wrong teamed up with Woods in the first design for Established & Sons’ programme of ‘Collaborations’ where individuals from two creative fields work together. Woods’ block printed motifs were applied to Wrong’s utilitarian cabinets. These are reminiscent of 1950s furniture – a fitting vehicle because much of Woods’ work is based on a nostalgia for mid-century domestic interiors. The result is a family of storage cabinets: a small night table with a spring-touch drawer, a chest of drawers, a long low credenza and a wall unit. The WrongWoods series is currently available in four of Woods’ signature colourways.

“This aesthetic, combined with Richard Woods vibrant, graphic wood block print, puts the idea of ‘DIY’ back into design and adds decoration with a twist.” Sebastian Wrong. “The utilitarian feel of the furniture that we have made is somewhat at odds with the cartoon graphic surface that covers it, and I feel this marriage illustrates perfectly the success of the collaborative process. This is a new body of work that is both playful as well as being respectful to its aesthetic origins.” Richard Woods.

Tiki by Nao Tamura

"Designed to sit in clusters and to form a flock, these delicate bird like lamps use futuristic forms to animate and evoke character. The flawless acrylic shade balances above a metal formed base making a dynamic pairing. Tiki is a modern and exquisite table lamp"

I love the modern look of this lamp. The bird shape as well as the base compliment each other and look very sleek.

Hemding by Andreas Fabian

"Platter/Fruit Bowl made from a porcelain platter with an ash spade handle. Available with natural or dark stained solid ash handle."

Ø 46cm × H32cm

Deco Barware by West Elm

I love these gold-finished bar tools and the classy look they give off with the mix of the marble base. They're the perfect accent to any kitchen or bar.

Alarm Dock for iPhone Jonas Damon for Areaware

"Place an iPhone or iPod Touch running a flip clock app onto the dock, and see an iconic and meaningful form return to your nightstand, mantel, or shelf. Your iPhone or iPod's dock connector can be pulled through it, allowing your device to recharge while docked. Fits iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S."

I love the choice of material. The wood is crisp and polished, and the colour is subtle. I like that they are providing the container for you to insert your iPhone charger then phone.

Michaël Verheyden

I love the natural colours and brass accents in these pieces. The silhouettes are simple and I like how heavy they appear.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

I love this chair because it reminds me of my childhood. My father had purchased this chair and ottoman years before I was born, so it's one of my first memories of home.



Elevate by Gillian Westley for Joseph Joseph

"The Elevate range, produced by kitchenware brand Joseph Joseph, consists of six implements with central pivots and weighted handles, which keep any goo on the business end clear of work surfaces."

John Lewis Stainless Steel Spoon Rest, Silver

"Stylish and contemporary, this spoon rest is great for keeping your surfaces clean and hygienic. Crafted from sleek stainless steel in a curved spoon shape for a stylish finish, it is stable and features a deep bowl for a no-mess solution."

FUTAGAMI Chopstick Rest by Masanori Oji

I love this simple and elegant design. Individually the chopstick holders are beautiful, and I like that together they form a bigger picture.

Material: Brass
Size:W5.0xD2.2xH1.0cm (box set 6.4x6.4x1.5cm)
Weight: 135g


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