Waxed Canvas Utility Roll by Cool Material

Made from durable Martexin waxed canvas and oiled leather, the roll offers a place to store your writing instruments, knives, or adventure supplies when you’re on the go.

  • Interior pockets 5.5" deep
  • Dimensions open 10"H, 11" W
  • Dimensions when rolled (if empty), 7.5" H, 3" W

I love the roll up design of this organizer, and how it is secured by a leather tie. I will research the waxed canvas material, as well as leather, as both appeal to me from a design aesthetic. Both also seem practical because they are both durable, waxed canvas is water repellant, and leather can look better with wear.

Leather Sidekick Cord Wrap by Cool Material

It features three slots for cords or earphones, and a large pouch for adapters or other items.

  • Top Grain Cowhide
  • 6” x 14.75” open
  • 3” x 6” rolled
  • 3 cord slots, 1 adapter pouch

I love how this design incorporates simple slits in the leather to hold items in place. I am looking at creating a seamless design for my survival kit insert, so this technique could be very efficient.

...also available in 100% Merino Wool

Leather Wash Roll by The Merchant Fox

  • Made from oak bark tanned leather
  • Lined with waterproof compartments
  • Pockets for razors, a toothbrush and other grooming items
  • Brass buckle fastening

I love how the inside compartments have a snap button for each pocket, keeping the contents safe and secure. The lining is also waterproof, however they do not list the material used. It almost looks like water repellant nylon--I will have to move forward with more materials research to see what the possibilities are.

Minimalist Folio by Poketo

I love the front pocket on this folio and how the compartment are very simple with minimal stitching. I want to create a home for my survival tools that will fit everything perfectly, without over doing the compartments. This is a great example of the simplistic and clean design aesthetic that I'm hoping to achieve.

Hunters Bend by Tove Emilisson

These wallets and spectacle cases are each made of a single piece of leather that's been folded into shape then hardened in boiling water. 

I love the process taken with the leather to make sure that the folds were permanent by actually boiling the leather for it to harden. The folds look beautiful and flawless, making this products look sleek and simple.

Seamless Bifold Wallet by Poketo

Seamless Bifold Wallet is made by hand in Japan using an origami-like folding method and a single sheet of leather. Seamless and stitchless, the wallet has an interior divider to keep your bills separate as well three slots for credit cards and a pouch for keeping coins secure.

I love the seamless design and that so many compartments are made with only a single piece of leather. I want to play around with different single material designs for the insert in my survival kit. To me the simplicity makes the overall product look nice and organized, as well it can give it a second function as a small shelter possibly.

Leaf Wallet by Alexey Chugunnikov

I love how this wallet is seamless, using one piece of leather to create pockets and the wallet itself. The techniques that stand out to me are the slits made in the leather to form pockets, as well as the looping of the leather fastener with the main piece of leather. I like how together the two pieces of leather work together to create one secure wallet without being sewn or physically attached.

Nothing Fancy by Chieh

Each wallet is created from a single piece of leather, held together by a custom rubber band. Easy, sleek solution for the organization impaired!

I like the seamless design of these wallets, and the double function of including elastic bands into the design to secure the wallet. I want to incorporate elastic bands into my survival kit as a tool for building shelters or tools themselves, so this approach may be an interesting way of doing that.

Netted Carryall - Hemsley Range by Croots England

The Helmsley range uses the finest 100% pure new wool, woven in Scotland by Johnstons of Elgin to produce a soft, high-grade tweed of the quality designed originally for bespoke suits and overcoats. The tweed is laminated with natural rubber to provide 100% waterproofing, greater weight and increased durability.

The collection has vegetable-tanned bridle leather straps and trims along with solid brass hardware and cotton webbings; it carries hand-stitched detail throughout. These stylish bags are as at home in the town or city as they are for walking on the moors or out in the field.

  • 2" adjustable webbing sling 
  • Buckle and strap closure 
  • Quick-release Sam Browne stud opening option 
  • Netted external pocket 
  • Full-width internal pocket
  • Size: W15½ x H11 x D4½"

The process where the wool is laminated with a rubber covering to make it waterproof is perfect for this design as it is to be used outdoors. The design is really outdoorsy and still masculine with the print and the netted front.

Alisha Bucket Tote Tartan by Dunmore

Fort William Kilt Tartan exterior and waterproof canvas interior, with brindle leather handles--the material makeup of this tote bag is well thought out with quality materials. I like the combination of them all and the bolt print chosen for the exterior. It's nice that they work with materials and prints that are Scottish and are so connected to their roots and brand.

Smith The Roll Pack by Millican

Roll Pack is made using only a few panels of sustainable Bionic® Canvas - 57% recycled and up to 30% stronger than regular canvas. Less waste, minimum seams and outstanding durability. 

  • Bionic ® Canvas Outer Fabric:
  • 38% cotton
  • 57% recycled polyester
  • 5% high-tenacity polyester
  • 100% paraffin wax impregnated
  • Lining Fabric:
  • 100% recycled polyester

The paraffin wax on the exterior canvas of the roll pack makes it waterproof, allowing the exterior and the inside contents to stay dry. I like how the composition of the canvas and how recycled materials are used to create such a strong and beautiful product.

Wax Leather Tarras Bag by Barbour

...a robust combination of waxed cotton and premium leather, the Wax Leather Tarras offers a winter-ready finish while retaining its timeless looks.

I love the flap closure on the front of the bag and how it only covers the top half of the bag. The combination of the waxed leather and cotton is complimentary, and I think it's really smart in prolonging the life of the item.

2 Way Briefcase by Porter Yoshida

...all of the bags feature premium nylon construction and a bright orange ‘emergency’ lining. The briefcase has more pockets than you could ever use, a removable shoulder strap and a transparent fixed document wallet. A super smart bag with a strong emphasis on function and utility. 

I love the orange ' emergency' coloured lining in the bag. It gives it an edge against others because it stands out--literally. I really think the construction was well thought out, and the choice of material was smart because of its durability and water repelling principles.

Shotgun Slip - Rosedale Range by Croots England

This collection of gun slips, cartridge bags and game bags is made from our original 100% cotton canvas. This heavyweight fabric is laminated with natural rubber to provide 100% waterproofing, greater weight and increased durability.

The Rosedale Canvas collection has vegetable-tanned bridle leather straps and trims along with solid brass hardware and carries hand-stitched detail throughout.

  • Canvas and leather shotgun sling
  • Traditional flap and buckle opening 
  • Additional zip for easy drying
  • Leather shoulder sling
  • Leather carry handles
  • Hand-sewn blocked muzzle end
  • Padded fleece lining

I like the way the canvas and leather looks together, how the leather gives the canvas a more luxurious and polished look. Together the two materials keep the piece rugged as it is an item to be used outdoors, but it also has a chic and class appeal without being feminine.

Mini Shoulder Bag - Dalby Range by Croots England

This collection uses 100% cotton canvas in a stylish range of canvas and leather shoulder bags. Two layers of cotton canvas are laminated with natural rubber, giving the fabric 100% waterproofing, greater weight and increased durability.

The Dalby Leisure collection has vegetable-tanned bridle leather straps and trims along with solid brass hardware and heavy cotton webbings; it carries hand-stitched detail throughout. Ideal for the country pursuits enthusiast, they’re also perfect in urban environments.

  • Detachable 1½" webbing sling 
  • Leather belt loop option 
  • Sized for iPad Mini sleeve
  • Size: W6 x H8½ x D2"

I like that the canvas material is double layered for durability, as well as rubbered to make it waterproof. The company seems to take pride in the quality of their products, and I like that they are making all efforts to use quality materials that will make their products last.

Harris Tweed Toilet Bag by Dunmore

Harris tweed exterior with a waterproof polyester lining, this toiletries bag is a nice compact size and looks spacious enough to still hold a good amount of items. I like that the interior pockets are a large size, but it may be useful for them to have smaller options as well.

Fox Flannel Tote by The Merchant Fox

Each bag is made using Fox Brothers’ pure wool, grey marl flannel, woven at the last remaining woollen mill in the West Country. Before leaving the mill, each piece is painstakingly hand-checked by a lady who is the fourth generation of her family to work at the highly respected mill in Somerset.

The luxurious grey flannel woven by Fox Brothers at its West Country mill is bonded with natural latex and navy blue cotton to form a multilayered, waterproof material.

The process of this fabric to make it the best quality and waterproof is really exquisite. It's interesting how the material is made waterproof by not only latex, but by bonding multiple layers of materials together.

Land Rover Explorer Bag by Barbour

...the Explorer is a holdall-style bag made from robust waxed cotton canvas with luxurious waxed leather trims. 

It's interesting how both the cotton canvas and the leather are both waxed, making this bag the ultimate waterproof accessory. The two fabrics together look luxurious and rugged at the same time.

Ian The Camera Case by Millican

  • 100% organic cotton weatherproof canvas (outer fabric)
  • 100% organic brushed cotton (lining)
  • 100% Herdwick wool (padding)
  • 70% vegetable tanned leather

I like that this camera case is nice and compact and also has the optional back leather belt loop so the user can wear it on their hip for easy access and handsfree. The materials seem to be of very high quality and I like that many organize textiles are used.

Docket Zip Pouch  - Herdwyck by Churchbi

The simple brief was to design a universal man’s organiser.

  • Herdwyck No. 10 waterproof wool tweed body fabric
  • 3mm British saddle leather trim
  • Cotton twill lining
  • Riri zipped main compartment with large leather pull
  • Accommodates A5, large Moleskine Notebook and similar size documents

I love the simple and sleek design of this organizer for men. I find it to be masculine because of the choice of materials and their colours.


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