primary research - BRIGHTON MUSEUM: Post War/60s


As a collection here are some things I noticed:

  • wood, metal, leather
  • clean lines, lots of curves in wood and metal frames which are smooth and shapely
  • different variations on creating three legged furniture pieces, as well as more than four legs
  • layering of materials and processes
  • interesting design with three legs on chair instead of four

primary research - BRIGHTON BOARDWALK


  • tables + stools, ducks - look like they're made from recycled wood
  • wood has a natural looking finish to it (looks unfinished in a rugged way)
  • Norwegian Birch furniture
  • various slats of wood layered and rang together
  • long lines in a simple design
  • geometric structure is comfortable
  • like the rope detailing that holds the chair rungs together
  • ornate brushes made from animal horns
  • brussels are likely made from some sort of animal hair, maybe reindeer
  • like the combination of the natural materials and how they have been glazed to be given a new and expensive look


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