St. Clements, Manitoba

St. Clements, Manitoba, Canada

These photos are a series that I photographed in 2010. They were taken in the Rural Municipality of St. Clements, which is just outside of Winnipeg where I grew up in Canada. Some shots are taken in my backyard, and others just down the street.

I thought these photos would give a good insight into where I grew up surrounded by nature, and how my surroundings inspired me to select the forest as my theme.

Something that I have realized since moving to a big city like London is that nature is often taken for granted, especially when it's your norm. Having spent over 20 years in a beautiful and spacious place like this in Canada is not something that everyone even gets to experience in their life. And in other situations there are people who do like in areas like this, but they have no motivation to explore their surroundings.

I hope that whatever I design encourages and inspired people to feel a connection with the forest.



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